Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lifes Changing Seasons

Life always surprises us.. Always changing & never ending with the chances & promises it holds...
I am able to look at life in a new way when I am out on a walk with my best friend, my 5D Mark II. When I look through my camera everything in the world stops & all the noise goes completely silent... It's just me and my camera & whatever we may happen upon throughout our adventures together.
Sometimes life gives us unexpected Joy & Sadness but in all of that life gives us pure beauty, each season changes with something new and beautiful, just like life!
Fall is one of those seasons full of complete beauty anywhere you look.... The crunching of the leafs, the crips morning air, the warming sun... Which is a perfect time for a walk............. Never knowing what you may find on that walk...


  1. Beautiful color Esther. BTW, I love your egrace name:)

  2. i want to come shooting with you sometime.

  3. Thanks Brenda! It's the first one and I just stuck to it :)
    Megan, yes lets go :)